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Dialysis cruise

In the year 2010 alone, it was estimated that over 10% of the United States population suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease. Furthermore, over half a million people required treatment for End-Stage Renal Disease, leaving over 400,000 patients undergoing dialysis treatments each and every year. Given these statistics, it’s easy to see how you or someone close to you may be affected by renal disease in the present or future. For these reasons, many cruise lines are offering a specialized cruise experience to accommodate for dialysis equipment. Insuring that you or your loved one is receiving the quality of care they need and deserve will not be a problem aboard a dialysis cruise.

While many cruise lines have a clinic or small hospital on board, only a few have trained nephrologists, specialized nurses, and adequate accommodations for dialysis equipment. Due to these reasons, a dialysis cruise may be the best choice if someone dear to you requires dialysis treatment. The Dialysis at Sea team provides their services to some of the most well-known cruise lines including Holland America, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean. Should you choose to embark on a personalized dialysis cruise, a professional medical team including licensed nephrologists, dialysis nurses, and certified technicians would be present to tend to your healthcare needs. These distinctive dialysis cruises set out for some of the most sought-after ports including destinations in Alaska, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, Polynesia, Canada, the Pacific coast, and the Panama Canal. Not only would you or your loved one have all of the classic amenities of a lavish cruise liner, they would also have a professional medical team on-call 24 hours a day should an emergency arise. A dialysis cruise offers its patrons the freedom to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful locations with unfailing peace of mind.

Medical teams aboard a dialysis cruise work to ensure that the proper equipment and care will be available at all times. The Dialysis at Sea team provides the Fresenius 2008k hemodialysis system to ensure that guests can have the same comforts of their at-home dialysis treatments. Your personalized team will meet with you upon boarding to verify your treatment and dietary needs for a pleasant, worry-free experience on board your dialysis cruise.

Another line offering a dialysis cruise is Costa Cruises, who alongside with Gerard Pons Voyages and the Fresenius medical care team, will work to create secure environment for its guests. Much like the Dialysis at Sea team mentioned above, Costa Cruises enlists an array of specialists and technicians including nephrologists and dialysis nurses. The medical staff is present on board as regular guests – it’s not uncommon to see them lounging beside the pools or having lunch with other cruise patrons. Aside from the medical team, guests will also have access to 4008 S Fresenius dialysis machines and reverse osmosis water treatment. Regardless of your choice of aforementioned lines, you can be assured that your dialysis cruise will provide you with the comfort and care that you or your loved one requires.

While the devastating effects of kidney disease are profound, those suffering from it need not be limited or bound to their treatment in any way thanks to this remarkable dialysis cruise experience. Guests can be certain that their personalized treatments and essential needs will be accounted for under the care of a professionally trained staff – all while enjoying unparalleled views, exotic destinations, luxurious amenities, and the people they treasure most.